1. The passenger is entitled to free transportation of baggage within the following limits:

     a) Two volumes of hold luggage;

     b) One volume of carry-on luggage (maximum 60cmx50cmx25cm).

2. Upon delivery of your luggage the passenger will receive a sticker to identify it; should keep this label until the time of pick up luggage;

3. Carry-on luggage is limited to passenger's belongings;

4. Atlânticoline reserves the right to decline any responsibility for carry-on baggage, except for its damage / loss as a direct result of any contingency occurred at sea;

5. Both hold luggage as hand luggage, are limited to the belongings of the passenger who has the transport ticket;

6. It is not allowed to carry hand luggage containing any type of beverage and/or food items, except food for infants, children and sick people;

7. Atlânticoline is not liable in case of loss or damage to valuables, including marketable securities, gold, silver, jewelry, couture, art objects, audio visual equipment, cell phones, video cameras, computer hardware / electronic or sports equipment, including fishing or diving, which shall for all purposes be treated as hand luggage, even though checked as hold luggage;

8. In the case of luggage with features out of shape, with higher dimensions, the passenger will be charged of the appropriate cost, according to the Atlânticoline's tariff; This luggage is subject to availability of the vessel and must be requested with a minimum of 48 hours in advance.

9. It is not allowed to carry luggage whose characteristics disregards the safety on board;

10. In addition to the provisions of special legislation, the following baggage are not allowed:

     a) Any kind of explosive or flammable materials;

     b) Other hazardous cargo;

     c) Live animals, not pets.

11. It is allowed to transport pets, since in adequate dwellings, which are the whole owner responsibility. Exceptionally, in the case of the animal size does not allow its correct transport, Atlânticoline has a specific area for their transport is effected upon request of the passenger; pets can not travel with passengers, will be placed in a proper location.

12. The transport of weapons and ammunition is permitted only on presentation of the respective license issued by the Maritime Police, whose acquisition is the responsibility of the passenger. All weapons must be delivered to the Captain of the ship and transported in special compartment.

As regulated in Agreement Maritime transport of Passengers, Clause 3.ª.