Sea Family Program


Apply online for your registration. You just need to fill out a form available in the SEA Family area, with your personal data, your family and vehicle's. You'll receive a number and a code (sent by e-mail), as soon as it is approved.This code gives you access to your personal area, where you can consult your data and number of points.

How to raise points

• For each made trip, by any family members, it will be added points in the following conditions:

– All family members can add points to the card, and points can be used by any family members;
– Receiving points is restricted to the following tariffs: Adults and children on first and second class and vehicles with or without driver;

Miles = Points

For each tariff type, points will be reworded, according to the following rules:
Adult first class: 1mile = 2 points;
Child first class: 1mile = 1 point;
Adult second class: 1mile = 1 point;
Child second class: 1mile = 0,5 point;
Vehicles with / without driver: 1mile = 1 point;

The miles are calculated in a straight line from departure to arrival point.

Points = Trip Discounts

• Exchange your points for trip discounts.

– 200points = 5% off (when buying a ticket for any destination)

– 400points = 10% off (when buying a ticket for any destination)

• Changing points when buying tickets is only possible with terms:

– Tickets without discounts or promotions;

– Tickets bought online;

– Tickets bought by a family member;

• Miles Table