The rules described apply to ticket by ticket, regardless of the number of tickets and the type of tickets in each booking or product.

On passenger and animal tickets it is possible to change the date and time of travel before the time of departure at no cost or penalty for the service provided.

Group fare tickets can only be changed if the change applies to all group tickets. The possibility of changing tickets associated with promotional fares should be consulted in the tariff regulations itself..

For car tickets, changes requested up to 5 days prior to the date of travel are not subject to fees. If the change is made within 5 days of the trip start date, a change fee will be charged according to the following tariff:

the date of travel are not subject to fees. If the change is made within 5 days before the start date of travel, a change fee will be charged according to the following tariff:
Vehicles Types 5 days prior to trip, up to 24h before the date of travel 24h prior to the date of the trip
P1 e P2 4€ 7€
Other types 10€ 20€

You can change the name or registration of a car affects a ticket, for a fee of 10€.

Travel date changes will only be possible as long as the new trip corresponds to the same fare and to fares where this is allowed. Please refer to the Summary of fare conditions.

Ticket changes are not allowed after the date of travel.


The cancellation of a reservation may result in the return of part of the ticket price in accordance with the commercial rules in force.

The cancellation of an un- issued or unpaid booking will receive no refund.

No refund will be granted for tickets that are consumed, or whose date of travel has been exceeded.

In case there is transhipment and an unfolding of the trip, it is considered check in of the first route, even if the customer does not proceed to his final destination, there is no refund of said ticket.

Cancellation of a ticket, up to 24 hours after its issuance, is refunded at 100% of the ticket cost (applicable only when the ticket is purchased at least 3 days in advance).

After 24 hours after your issue and until the date of travel, the refund will be 90% of the cost of the ticket. For tickets whose cost is equal to or less than 10€, a fixed amount of 1€ will be retained.

After the date of travel tickets are non-refundable.

Tickets with senior and interjovem fare are non-refundable.

Group fare tickets can only be cancelled if the cancellation applies to the entire group.

A summary table for the return conditions is given below:

  One Way Trip Round Trip Return
Ticket First Leg Ticket Return Ticket
Issue ≤ 24h or ≤ 3 day prior to trip date Issued Issued Issued 100%
Issue ≥ 24 h Issued Issued Issued 90%
- Check-In Issued 45%
- Expired Issued 45%
- Check-In Expired No return
Expired Expired Expired No return
- Expired Check-In No return
Check-In Check-In Check-In No return
Subtitle:  Issued: Status of a ticket that has not yet been consumed and whose travel date has not yet been passed; Expired: Status of a ticket that has not been consumed and whose travel date has already passed; Check-In: Status of a consumed ticket

This includes assistance in cases of delays, diversions or cancellations for meteorological and operational reasons of the responsibility of Atlânticoline, and the rules that apply in these cases are regulated by Regulation (EC) No. 177/2010 and are defined in the regulations of each tariff marketed by the company.