In upholding the Quality, Safety, and Environmental issues, we aim to comply with all national and international norms, while preserving existing infrastructures, maintaining staff health and ensuring passenger safety.

Safety and Environmental Protection

Throughout 2017 seasonal operation, Atlânticoline, S.A., developed a customer satisfaction study.

In this context, passengers were asked to fill out an inquiry during their travels. Data collection covered the period from July 31 to September 24, 2017. After treatment and analysis of the data collected, the sample was generally characterized by an average age of 40.9 years, with 93.5% of the Portuguese being transported passengers, where 59% have a level of education between secondary and higher education; In the scale used, from 1 to 5, where the value 1 represents "Poor" and the value 5 is equivalent to "Excellent", the general classification of the service provided by Atlânticoline, S.A., was Good (global average of 3.26); Taking into account the value of the global average mentioned above, the topics that registered higher values ​​were "Ship and Travel" and "Crew"; The 3 subtopics that scored the highest were "Crew Sympathy", "General Ship Cleanliness" and "Crew Presentation / Availability";