Complaints and Reports

We value your feedback and are committed to ensuring your satisfaction. This page has been created to explain the complaints process and our reporting channel, where you can raise any issues or concerns.

Complaints: The Complaints Book is an essential tool that ensures your rights as a customer are upheld. If you have had an unsatisfactory experience or wish to voice your opinion about our products or services, you can fill out the Complaints Book. This document allows us to better understand your concerns and take necessary steps to continuously improve our offerings. To access the Complaints Book, click here.

Reporting Channel: Our company takes ethics and integrity seriously in all its operations. If you become aware of any inappropriate behavior, suspicious activities, or violations of our internal policies, we encourage you to use our Reporting Channel. Through this channel, you can anonymously report any incident or concern. Your contribution is essential in maintaining the highest ethical standards within our company. To access our Reporting Channel, click here.