The passenger is entitled to carry free of charge baggage subject to the following limitations:

1. Two hold luggage bags/cases;

2. One hand luggage bag (60cmx50cmx25cm maximum).

When delivering the luggage, the passenger will be given a label to identify it. The label must be keep until the luggage is picked up.

Atlânticoline reserves the right to refuse any responsibility for any damage on the hand luggage.

Both the hold and hand luggage must contain items that belong exclusively to the passenger who owns the ticket.

Carrying hand luggage that contains any kind of beverage and/or food item is forbidden, except when it is destined to babies, children or people with a medical condition.

Atlânticoline will not be held responsible for the loss or damage of any objects of value, any food products , namely negotiable securities, gold, silver, pieces of jewelry, haute couture garments, art objects, audiovisual equipment, cellular phones, video cameras, computers and other electronic devices, or sporting goods – like fishing or diving equipment. To all intents and purposes, all of these will be regarded as hand luggage items, even if checked in as hold luggage.

Carrying luggage whose characteristics do not comply with the safety rules on board is not allowed.

In addition to what is determined by special legislation, passengers are not allowed to carry:

1. Any explosive device or inflammable material;

2. Other cargo classified as hazardous by IMO;

3. Animals that are not pets.

Pets are allowed on board, as long as they are properly enclosed in a carry case and their owners take full responsibility for them. In case the animal’s size does not permit its proper transportation, Atlânticoline exceptionally provides a specific area for it to travel upon previous request by the passenger. Pets are not allowed to travel next to the passengers and are placed in a specific area.