Isabel Alexandra de Melo Quadros Marques Fernandes Dutra
Executive Member of the Board of Directors

Graduated in Economics, with a specialization in Business Economics, from the Lusíada University of Lisbon, and holds a postgraduate degree in Training Management and Coordination.

She was the Coordinator of the Integrated Support Network for Entrepreneurs (RIAE) of Faial Island and the Youth, Employment, Commerce, Industry, and Crafts Agency (AJEmCIA) of Faial Island.

She served as the General Secretary of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Horta, and also coordinated the Training Office and the Technical Office for investment project analysis of the aforementioned institution.

She is a certified accountant and a member of the Order of Economists.

César Augusto Formiga da Cruz
Non-executive member of the Board of Directors

Degree in Pilotage from Escola Náutica Infante D. Henrique, with specialization in tankers, chemicals and gas.

He is currently a Non-Executive Member of Atlanticoline, since 2010, and Pilotage Coordinator of Portos dos Açores S.A., having performed several other functions in the port administration of the Azores, such as: Pilot, Head of the Pilotage Department, Deputy Director of Operations, Director of Port Operations of the ports of the islands of São Miguel and Santa Maria.

In his professional experience, during his passage through the Merchant Navy, he embarked on board several container ships and tanks, both in the Autonomous Region of the Azores and in Northern Europe.