By “pet animal” is meant any animal kept or intended to be kept by man in particular in his household for private enjoyment and companionship, according to the European Convention for the Protection of Pet Animals, approved by the European Decree No 13/93 of April 13.


The transport of pets is subject to the payment of a fee according to the tariff in force.


Pets are allowed on board, as long as they are properly enclosed in a carry case provided by the owner. In case the animal is too big to be put in a carry case, it can travel in an area of the boat specifically intended for that purpose. However, Atlânticoline will not be held responsible for the adequacy of its conditions.

  Animals are not allowed to remain in the passenger compartments. In the Open Air: - The animal must be in perfect health and cannot emanate unpleasant smells; - The carry case must not exceed the following sizes: 105cm x 75cm x 79cm; - The owner is responsible for purchasing the carry case; - The aforementioned rules do not apply to guide dogs. Pets are not regarded as luggage. Transport of Animals that Are Not Considered Pets:

- The animals that fit into this category require confirmation as to the viability and conditions of transportation both by Atlânticoline and the local port authorities. Both organizations must be previously consulted.