Transporting Children

Trips operated by Gilberto Mariano, Mestre Jaime Feijó, Cruzeiro do Canal, Cruzeiro das Ilhas and Ariel, passengers up to and including 12 years old, must travel accompanied by a responsible adult. Minors over the age of 12, can travel alone.

On voyages operated by ships A and B, passengers under the age of 12 must travel with a responsible adult. Passengers, aged between 12 and 15 years old, can travel alone provided they have parental authorization. In the event that the adult accompanying the child is not a parent, the form available at the link below must be completed.

Passengers over 15 years old can travel alone, without resorting to any additional authorization. For group travel, smaller passengers traveling in organized groups, namely sports groups, school groups or others, can travel with the adult responsible for the group, provided that he is provided with a declaration of responsibility.


Minors traveling alone (Portuguese document)

Minors traveling with a person without parental authority (Portuguese document)